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PCI-E, SATA6G RAID 3 int port /1port mSATA/2port NGFF, HYPER DUO

PCI-E 2,0 to SATA HYPER Duo, 2 x SATA 2,5", FG EST06B-1AR

PCI-E SATA3 RAID 4 int + 2 ext, FG-EST11B1, E24IR

PCI-E 2.0, SATA3, FG-EST14A-1, 4int SATA + 2 mSATA



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 HyperDuo is a value-add technology
HyperDuo Product
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  • Marvell 88SE91xx Product Brief
  • HyperDuo Technology Brief
  •         Storing all consumer data on SSDs is costly and using the hybrid approach of manually combining an HDD and SSD doesn’t offer a true solution for achieving consistent performance acceleration in applications like gaming, video and rich media or I/O intensive programs. Marvell HyperDuo solves this dilemma. A breakthrough embedded technology for 6Gb/s SATA controllers, HyperDuo is configured with at least 1 hard disk drive (HDD) and up to 3 solid state drives (SSD). By embedding automated tiering technology into the chipset that goes into the world’s leading motherboards, home network attached storage (NAS), set-top boxes and desktop HBAs, HyperDuo achieves immediate performance value from day one. The technology uses intelligent algorithms to automatically migrate hot data to SSDs, while enabling all data to be safely stored on larger capacity SATA HDDs. Thus HyperDuo enables near-SSD performance at HDD capacities.

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